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Example 1


The more complex a Smart Home or Theater System becomes the more people will need a single universal remote to control everything with ease. These control systems are programmed to perform multiple commands at once with a single interaction from the user. Imagine pressing one button and having your TV, digital surround system and bluray player turn on and your lights dim and your shades close all automatically. The systems can even be programmed to do some jobs on it's own. The main control processors have real time clocks with can be used to set up jobs like turning off all the exterior lights at midnight, or turning on pathway lights at dusk, or turn on the TV in time for the news, or whatever you could want. That is the whole point of Custom Programming.

Example 2

iPhone Programming 1

iPhone Programming 2

iPhone Programming 3

iPhone Programming 4

Today's technology has come so far we can run an entire house or office building with just an iPhone or iPad. Security cameras, lighting, climate, all can be controlled easily with a simple handheld device or in-wall mounted panel. A well-designed and strong network does so much more than just allowing everyone's laptops to connect to the internet to check their emails. Music Servers can supply audio files to multiple audio streamers, Network Attached Storage drives can supply video files to multiple bluray players, File Servers can enable multiple users to edit documents, the list goes on. Advanced wifi access points allow the entire area to be covered by a single comprehensive wireless network. No more dead spots, no more roaming between repeaters.

Example 3



People usually don't realize that a lot of equipment does not need to be physically accessed if the system is properly configured. This approach can usually free up a lot of usable cabinet space. In many situations the bulk of the equipment can be remotely located in an unused closet or cabinet and be controlled over the home's wifi with an iPhone or RF-based remote control system. Often the only hardware needed in a room is just TV or a TV and some speakers.

Remote Instructions


Sometimes some people need a little more help than others. In such cases I can write up an entire users guide for reference. I have found these to be especially useful for rental properties where new people are constantly cycling through and don’t know how things are supposed to work. Another great use for these are for our parents or grandparents who may need a little more instruction than us. These guides are written based on their own remotes and their own custom programming and can be printed out (and laminated, if need be) for quick reference. Example 1 Example 2 Example 3